Monday, April 26, 2010

Probal...we miss you

This is life we know it,
But often we ignore it.
We’re in a journey
Heading towards something;
No one knows where!
It’s hectic, sometimes insane-
The laughter, the joys:
All balms for that final pain…
To know that a friend you’d
Made on your way
Just got off that train.
It’s a one way journey and there is no going back.
Some winters and some summers
And wonderful springs we crossed;
And now when you look into the eyes of his beloved
You know she sees him still
For the glint and the love can just not die!
He is embarked on a new journey
With newer wonders at his door.
He still breathes in our memories
Talks to our heart for sure.
May be he parted ways,
But he will be with us always!
(this poem is dedicated to our friend Probal whom we lost most unfortunately on 26th February 2010...we want him to know, wherever he is, that we all love him and miss him)