Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Him

Once upon a time
My life was like a fairytale
But I guess now I'm living
The happily ever after!
Only that no one probed to see
What was meant to be
Ke sa ra sara

I met my Prince Charming,
But the trance is no more,
I am in love,
But the heart is sore,
Why the rainbows no longer look resplendent
Why at the end of the day I feel so spent
Ke sa ra sara

There were cupids
Fragrant flowers
Friends as loyal can be
But time has taken a toll
And I've lost touch with all
Will it ever be green again,
Will the youthful lovely days come back
Just once more to me?
Ke sa ra sara

Little by little I have flipped through the pages
And now the pages look so bland
The shine of the fairytale all gone
Blemished with a knowledge
That I earnestly did not want
Now of all I know
Its true--
Ignorance is bliss.
I have still love to live by
Still searching for God within
And God without
Finding God in Him
That source of Peace
That solace
I could live for!