Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sir Oracle!

FIFA 2010 has been a World Cup of upsets. But even more interesting are the new discoveries that we made en route the grande finale. Vuvuzelas blowing the nuts out of one's head to the waka waka welcome to South Africa , 2010 will have football fanatics all over the world remember it for a long time. Of these many aspects, Octopus Paul's predictions left be dumbfounded. I have sworn by palmistry, tarot and numerology thus far but talking parrots and carnivorous visionaries did not appeal to me in the least. Sir Oracle, our dear octopus Paul converted me overnight; and like half the world I have been racking my head to explain how this two month old octopus saw what analysts didn't. He chose Serbia over Germany, people thought it was a fluke. When it stayed true to its German land, the world said , sheer training...but Paul defied their obvious conclusions and declared Spain would walk to the finals. For once the German's thought the Paul oracle would fall flat...ahh! alas! Spain were gleeful and even if the Argentinians and the German's wanted oracle Paul roasted and garnished with sauce, Spain would stand for its animal rights!
Many I believe have already taken to researching what made Paul oracle. What I fear is not the threat of Paul being the ingredient of a delicacy but that suddenly one day Paul would go missing. For sly researchers too intent on the practical and logical reasoning would not spare the poor octopus and run there scissors and scalpels through its entire body to detect which hormone or which fluid or which anatomical factor can justify the mysterious coming to pass of Paul's oracle!