Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life after marriage!

It was all dream and fantasy:
The fairy tale love
The ever after.
And now I know why
All fairy tales end
The way they do,
Because when you tie the knot
Love becomes a not
And everything comes tumbling thereafter.
Your little hopes,
Your wishes,
Your dreams,
For all that is there:
Are angry words
And bitter days ahead.
You cannot walk-out;
You cannot walk-away;
You cannot walk;
You cannot talk!
Paralyzed and hurt
You lie,
And bear with it
Till the day you die!
If you dare,
Then you’ll be alone,
For they’d cite all social causes,
And there are always the emotional clauses;
And every day you’d wish you could rewind
Go back in time and say the ‘no.’
That ‘no’ that would have given you the joy you always had;
The ‘no’ that would have never dried your smile;
The ‘no’ that would have made life worthwhile!
But truth is,
You were fooled by those fairy tales,
And now you know not whom to blame,
You’re now part of this game,
And it’s a shame!
So you breathe
Not live,
And wait to live another fantasy,
But only in hope,
(Or in dope)
And it’s not going to be easy!