Monday, May 31, 2010

From Twilight to Breaking Dawn

It might sound ludicrous to Meyer's newfound fans that I was unaware of her genius till late yesterday night when I first saw the amazing adaptation of her vampire novel Twilight. The hype when twilight hit the theaters missed me completely and strangely many of my kin dismissed it as a misconstrued overtly impossible blood thirsty vampire frenzy. When you have little time in hand you do risk paying heed to such vagrant side talks because you just don't want to be fooled into wasting those precious two hours (only) of sleep... But yesterday night I was utterly amazed! Tired eyes, aching body, blurring mind- none of these symptoms of stress could defy my eagerness at staying awake and watching the enthralling movie. It left me so mesmerized that roughly at 2.30 past midnight I decided I definitely wanted to know more about the Twilight. Believe it or not Stephenie Meyer had another Harry Potter freak converted into the Twilight zone. Patterson may have had and still has a fan following but Meyer should share her glory with the cast who seemed to have delved so deep into the characters that it was difficult to fathom whether Meyer conceived the characters after having met the movie's cast and crew!

All night through after watching Twilight I brushed aside all the stress to read up all about Meyer and the series...Twilight to Breaking Dawn- till the break of dawn. As the crows suspiciously crowed wondering at the ray of light that illuminated the window sill in which they were perched, I could tell from the way I was frantically reading the book that Meyer's vampires bit me hard and changed me into one of those admiring Meyer vampire lovers. For all those who foolishly missed seeing the Twilight please do grab a copy of the movie or the book or both! Cheers Ms Meyer thanks for such a wonderful romantic saga...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One of the worst things to happen to me is sniffles. I hate sniffles. The constant rattle of your chest when you cough, the wheeze that never lets you forget that the lungs aren't what they used to be, and then there is the runny mucous.

Yes, disgusting is the word for it. Not only is it Undignified, but, as my friend Nutso Marmosets call it, it is a shame on Mammalkind. Of course birds have it too. I have seen a Cockatiel come down with a bout of sniffles, but she sneezed most delicately. Nothing like the skirt-lifting, spectacle-askewing glory which attacks me, and puts me in the general direction of trouble.

How do I fight?

Yes, the universal answer to it is simple: REST.

But for the unfortunate one, me, there is none.

So I generally run to the tried and tested Chicken Soup. My favorite is this one that I got out of amateurgourmet's website.