Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poor Little Girl

I am a poor little girl,
A very poor little girl,
Struggling with her emotions,
Trying to hoard them in herself,
I cry aloud
And I laugh hysterically
I am just this poor little girl
That everyone calls a friend.
I wish I could undo many a thing
Make life a little less satiric
But the irony of it all
I am a poor little girl,
Trying to hoard my emotions in myself
I cry when someone else is hurt,
I laugh with another in his joy
I wish I could live life free
Of all my silliness
And never again be called
“This poor little girl”
Hoarding emotions within!
In all these years with grey hairs blinking at me
I still am a poor little girl
Trying to hoard her emotions
And not wiser still!
So I am angry and hurt,
When someone’s so curt...
I only wish I could be a little more inert
I’d never then have to taste dirt,
I am a poor little girl for you...
But the more you mock me...
The more I know
It is not because I am this poor little girl
But because it does not matter
When you never flatter
I am happy because
No one can ever be
Simple and soothing
Like this poor little girl can be!
And I know you call me a poor little girl
Hiding behind my emotions
And blaming them on me
There will be a time 
When I'd not be the garb to cover 
What you feel
When you will be all alone 
Facing your emotions
And wanting to share it with the
Poor little girl me...
And I'd say:
Poor little boy you!