Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our First Anniversary

Little by little we've been building this nest
Each new day a new calamity brings
And each time a twig slips off
And you go looking for some more
That will bind our home together
Give it strength in all ways possible
But like a little fledgling I keep looking for motherly warmth
And shedding all inhibitions you play both partner and parent
Giving in to my tantrums
But never giving up on me!
Seven long years we waited
To finally take the vow
And all along the experience of love was for me
The teenage exuberance and wow
You lived through it and grew with me
But when in time you outgrew me
Both in terms of love and maturity
The finer subtler essence of love
That I can only feel through you
And see in your eyes
I have so many questions
And there are so many lies
I want answers to some simple puzzles
And each time you smile
And when I look into your eyes
They say but one thing
"Love you are a child"-
A wild wild child
Full of love and full of faith
And a belief that I am you and
You, me!