Friday, September 17, 2010

It's just about You and Me...

Baby I know you are true,
I know I love you
But it isn't easy you see,
Not for you,
Not for me.
You've sworn to me your love
I've never denied you did
But its just not love any longer
And this feeling 's getting stronger.
Baby its a wonderful world
When I see it with love,
Or maybe its just another world
Full of spite.
At night I dream of snakes.
Baby I am afraid.
Even if you say,
You'll give it all it takes.
I am stronger from within,
You are stronger from without.
I don't know how longer it'll take
To clear this doubt.
But its true,
I love you.
There's a fear I can feel,
Some phantom of which I dream,
There's a shiver down my spine.
And I know it's true,
Baby you
Love me
Love is,
Love was,
Love will be,
Baby when it's
Just You and Me.

1 comment:

  1. Love, is only about two persons. It doesn't really matters what others think or say.