Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At the Risk of Sounding Grim

Hello all, I am the funny one, I guess. No no, not funny-happy-laughter one. Just funny weird. Or funny loco. You see, when Marmosets asked me to contribute, she forgot it was me who was going to contribute. And in the strangely distorted world I exist in, I end up looking at myself in the mirror and being.

I used to have plenty of problems. Especially the way I looked, acted, worked out, sweating my guts out in the market and thought and thought I was going the wrong way about the way I looked. Finally I realized I was not cut out to be the gamine Winona Ryder or the pout-perfect Drew Barrymore.

And I realized I had me. With a strong set of features and a pair of inscrutable eyes.

I am the pair of inscrutable eyes, and somehow it helps me see. Not just look, but see.

All you who stumble across this place, remember the silence that ensued within you because you realized a little bit of you is in me now, and a little bit of me is in you. And now we are together.

Let the games begin.

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