Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weight and Watch

With the internet teeming with “How to lose weight” and every second mushroom gym in the city promising a sure reduction in those flabs that embarrassingly jut out , I am at the risk of losing out on people who would actually trust me and read what follows. Losing weight, I can vouch is an ordeal, to say the least. It all began with a humble attempt at trying to fit into the slim and fancy garments that swarmed the markets sometime in the late ‘90’s. It was nearly impossible to fit into the dress, notwithstanding the snare of the shopkeeper scrupulously watching the threads bare a little. By human instincts it was fair that I adopt the easier means than sweat it out. I managed to convince a pair of humble souls (read, my parents) and cajoled them into buying me a fibadiet.

The futility of starving had never become so pronounced as when I decided to lose weight by boycotting food! Trust me not an ounce or inch or mere fraction of fat melted in those three years of my rigorous ‘diet’. Of course if you’ve had positive results you’d know all this was a bluff. Precisely. I fed on sumptuous cakes and pastries and sweet meats and all the junk that was marketed; all the while assuring myself that I hadn’t eaten much since morning and deserved to pamper my taste buds. So, if you are planning to go on a crash diet, apart from the medical warnings beware of your own ‘foodie self’. If you love to eat or gorge then you have to look for an alternative – exercise.

However, after suffering nausea, weakness, binge eating and more flab, I chose to exercise. There too I was tempted by gadgets that sincerely fooled me into believing I wouldn’t have to move a limb, they’d do it for me! If you are closely studying the advertisements then you will read between the lines but if not you’ll waste another few months, like I did  contradicting and refuting people’s claims that you are still on the wrong side of obesity.

Finally, I managed to forsake the notion of ‘the easy way out’ and with grim determination battled it out to lose weight. However, there was yet another stumbling block. At that point in time my ignorance of which exercises suite me and which do not cost me a couple of more months. The mistakes delayed my desire for a slimmer and trimmer self. It is my sincere empathy that compels me to save you from following in my footsteps.

In a gist, if you are intent on weight loss the subsequent pointers need to be heeded:
·        Ask yourself whether you really want to lose weight.
·        There should be a definite motivation.
·        Never stop your craving.
·        Never delete your favourite items from your diet chart.
·        Never check your weight everyday.
·        Do a couple of exercises and observe whether they suite you.
·        Give up the laziness gradually not all at once.
·        Begin with strolls and then graduate to brisk walking.

·        Do not join a gym unless you have already maintained an exercise regime at home.
·        And most of all aim at a healthy figure not a size zero, anorexic physique.

Some sites that provide good diet tips and recommend healthy exercises have been listed below:

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